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"Adoro Te Devote" is one of the five beautiful hymns St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) composed in honor of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at Pope Urban IV's (1261-1264) request when the Pope first established the Feast of Corpus Christi in 1264. The hymn is found in the Roman Missal as a prayer of thanksgiving after Mass. A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who devoutly recite this hymn.

Tomas Aquino di hadapan Yesus Kristus yang tersalib
Santo Thomas Aquinas Pencipta Adoro Te Devote

In Latin
Adoro te devote, latens Deitas,
Quae sub his figuris vere latitas:
Tibi se cor meum totum subjicit,
Quia te contemplans totum deficit.

Visus, tactus, gustus in te fallitur,
Sed auditu solo tuto creditur;
Credo quidquid dixit Dei Filius:
Nil hoc verbo Veritatis verius.

In cruce latebat sola Deitas,
At hic latet simul et humanitas;
Ambo tamen credens atque confitens,
Peto quod petivit latro poenitens.

Plagas, sicut Thomas, non intueor;
Deum tamen meum te confiteor;
Fac me tibi semper magis credere,
In te spem habere, te diligere.

O memoriale mortis Domini!
Panis vivus, vitam praestans homini!
Praesta meae menti de te vivere
Et te illi semper dulce sapere.

Pie pellicane, Jesu Domine,
Me immundum munda tuo sanguine;
Cujus una stilla salvum facere
Totum mundum quit ab omni scelere.

Jesu, quem velatum nunc aspicio,
Oro fiat illud quod tam sitio;
Ut te revelata cernens facie,
Visu sim beatus tuae gloriae. Amen

In English
I adore Thee devotedly, God lying hidden,
Who under these symbols truly does reside;
To Thee my heart subjects itself totally,
Because in contemplating Thee, it dissolves totally.

Sight, taste, touch are deceived in Thee;
But hearing alone is safely believed.
I believe whatever the Son of God has said;
Nothing is truer than the Word of Truth.

On the cross the Only God lay hidden;
But here His humanity too lies hidden.
Yet believing and acknowledging both,
I ask what the penitent thief asked.

The wounds I do not inspect, as Thomas did;
Yet I acknowledge Thee as my God.
Make me believe in Thee always more,
To have hope in Thee, to love Thee.

O remembrance of the death of Our Lord,
Bread granting true life to man,
Grant my mind to live by Thee,
And to taste Thee always sweetly.

Merciful pelican, Lord Jesus,
Clean me who am unclean with Your blood,
One drop of which could make
The whole world saved from every sin.

Jesus, Whom I now behold veiled,
When will happen that which I so desire,
That seeing Thee with Thy face revealed
I may be blessed with the sight of Thy glory?

Adoro Te Devote on Youtube
Adoro Te Devote on Youtube
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